How-to: Homemade Bitters

January 5, 2012 in Food Crafts

Cross-posted from Glue and Glitter


I’m a big fan of crafts you can make in a mason jar, so when Bust magazine’s October/November issue had a recipe for cherry vanilla bitters, I knew I had to go for it!

The great thing about Mason jar crafts is that the jar is endlessly useful. A quick trip through the dishwasher, and you can reuse those empty jars for storing food or knicknacks or even in craft projects. Hurrah!

The Bust recipe was for 2 pints of bitters, but I adapted it to make 20 half pints, because what fun is booze if you don’t share it, right? I highly recommend trying to find that issue of Bust, because there’s a drink recipe to use your bitters, a second bitters recipe in there that I didn’t use, some really cool stuff about urban farming, and a hilarious interview with Mindy Kaling. Since I changed things up a bit, though, I’m going to share the recipe I used here!

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