How To: Cardboard and Toilet Paper Roll Tree

February 14, 2012 in Tutorials

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This week I wanted to create a project that brought the outside, in (because it’s too cold to go outside right now!). I looked around my house for inspiration and I found a cardboard box and toilet paper rolls. I’ve done projects with toilet paper rolls before, like the Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Lights and the Christmas “Candle” Cover, but I wanted to make something more natural-looking. Drawing inspiration from a fall project I did on my personal blog, I created a Cardboard and Toilet Paper Roll Tree!

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How To: Pop Top Peace Sign

January 21, 2012 in Tutorials

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Pop Top Peace Sign

My mom is an elementary school teacher and has developed an obsession with cool peace signs for her classroom. When discussing a how to project this week, she asked me to make her a peace sign out of recycled materials. You guys know I’m all about fun wall art like the Laundry Cup Wall ArtNewspaper Art, and Burlap Chevron Paintings– so I was totally pumped to take on this challenge!  After searching around the house, I grabbed a cardboard box they had left over from moving and a bag of pop-tops that my grandma had collected. Here’s how to make your very own pop top peace sign!

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