Out of the Office: How one crafter works toward harmony at home

February 29, 2012 in Inspiration

Jeanée Ledoux blogs on finelycrafted.net. She created the projects for Re-Construct: Eco-Friendly Crafts Made Easy and Abode à la Mode: 44 Projects for Hip Home Décor. She co-designed Honeydoux jewelry with her sister for four years. She writes, edits, and crafts in Decatur, Georgia.

Blue Typewriter & Cat - tashca on Etsy

At age 22, I found my ideal job—or so I thought. My assistant editor position at Storey Publishing married my passions for writing and crafts. Then one day on a call with a freelance copyeditor, it hit me: I was on the wrong end of that phone. I dreamily pictured my colleague eating chocolates at home, her slippers perched on a manuscript.

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What is Upcycling?

January 20, 2012 in Inspiration

Cross-posted from Glue and Glitter.

Upcycled Can be BeautifulI talk a lot about upcycling on my own site, at Crafting a Green World, and at Green Upgrader. It’s becoming a pretty popular concept in the craft world, and like with any concept that starts to take off, I think the meaning has gotten a bit watered down. So, what is upcycling, really? More after the jump →

Local Public Art: Caroline Lathan-Stiefel

January 9, 2012 in Fiber Crafts, Inspiration

Thanks to Flux Projects, Atlanta has a steady flow of temporary art installations throughout the city (I really loved Charlie Brouwer’s Rise Up Atlanta last April in Freedom Park on Moreland). The current public commission is Caroline Lathan-Stiefel’s Ocean. In general, her work features labor crafting processes, such as sewing, weaving (often with pipe cleaners), and crocheting, to create abstract landscapes and biologically-inspired structures. While Lathan-Stiefel is not from Atlanta, her work is heavily inspired by late Georgian native Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden, most evident in her material choices and mosaic composition. Ocean is no exception to this palette. More after the jump →

Good Ol’ Fashioned Arts & Crafts

January 5, 2012 in Events, Inspiration

Join the creative folks at WonderRoot Creative Reuse on January 14th for a two hour workshop on general creativity — they’re up for making just about anything! Ring in the new year with a promise to make more.

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Atlanta Street Fashion

January 4, 2012 in Inspiration

Atlanta Street Fashion credit Cameron Adams

Atlanta is a style hotbed. Anyone that denies this is either a recluse on par with Emily Dickenson, fashion illiterate, or a hater*. In a city that is more of an archipelago of neighborhoods than a homogenizing melting pot, fashion always smacks of place. I have long thought there needs to be a blog like The Sartorialist in Atlanta to document the city’s stylish folk. Then, lo and behold, I met Cameron Adams, the man behind Atlanta Street Fashion. More after the jump →

Inspiration from London: G. Hack Wired Flowers

December 13, 2011 in Inspiration, Tech Crafts

Tabletop of LED flowers

While we’re talking inspiration from London, let’s talk G. Hack, a collective of female researchers within the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London. These fierce women get together to create some seriously awesome interactive media projects. One of these projects, Threads and Yarns, is a table covered with flowers made out of wires. At the press of a button, flowers light up and play curated, crowd-sourced stories about healthcare.

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Craft reality show, really?

December 12, 2011 in Fiber Crafts, Inspiration, Paper Crafts

My husband was telling me just last night that it would be great if there were a craft competition reality show à la Project Runway, and of course, that I should join. Crafters would battle with their skills of sewing, knitting, and hot gluing for a chance to win some amazing craft dream. Enjoying my usual browse of the CRAFT blog today, I nearly exploded when I saw this.

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London’s 10 Best Places for Handmade Keepsakes

December 10, 2011 in Inspiration

Three-story Smug curates tongue-in-cheek crafts, like this fox scarf by Donna Wilson.

London’s streets are lined with souvenir shops hawking mass-produced Big Ben statues, royal wedding mugs, and Queen Elizabeth paperweights. You can mark your trip with a more meaningful memento by purchasing something designed or even handmade locally. On a recent jaunt, I discovered a bounty of London boutiques and markets that specialize in unique wares made with love by regional artists and crafters.

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Mark Your Territory

December 6, 2011 in Inspiration, Tech Crafts

Mark Your Territory, DWIG, Georgia Tech

There are many reasons to dislike Foursquare: everyday activities are reduced to extrinsic motivation; bad diets now have spatial representations (How many times can I check in at McDonald’s, Bro?); internet stalking gets creepier. But, as with all deplorable mobile applications, their success isn’t for naught. Given some time, a little brainstorming, and the egging on of like-minded people, the application version of “A Modest Proposal” gets developed. Foursquare, meet Mark Your Territory (http://www.markyourterritory.org/):

Mark Your Territory is a new system that lets individuals check-in to foursquare by physically urinating at the actual location.

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Creative Mornings

December 5, 2011 in Events, Inspiration

Free coffee has been motivating creative types since Gutenberg. Pair that with a free 20-minute lecture by a notable creative person in the city you love, and, well, you’ll be doubly inspired.

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